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Hemorrhage View
C-section Drape

The Hemorrhage View C-section Drape provides easy access for immediate and direct visual assessment of vaginal bleeding allowing for earlier diagnosis and treatment of hemorrhage.


Hemorrhage View C-section Drape Features

Unique dual sheet design with a sterile, transparent sheet covering the patient allowing retraction of the top opaque sheet while maintaining the sterile field


Advantages During A Postpartum Hemorrhage

Medical Team Performing Surgical Operation in Bright Modern Operating Room.jpg
  • Immediate assessment of vaginal bleeding that can be repeated as often as indicated

  • Ability to monitor the efficacy of interventions - confirming either resolution of bleeding or persistent bleeding requiring more extreme measures

  • Clear visualization for interventions: placement of Jada or uterine balloon for atony, uterotonic administration, vaginal assistance during 2nd stage c-sections, Foley catheter adjustment, etc

  • Decreased risk of contaminating the sterile field

  • Nurses are free to perform other critical duties

  • Surgeons can personally assess bleeding aiding their critical decision making

Ease of Implementation

  • No specific training or certification required

  • No change to current C-section procedures or protocols

  • No increase in OR time 

  • Can be used for all C-sections, high risk and routine

Performing Surgery
Newborn Baby with Mom

Improving Maternal Outcomes

Earlier diagnosis and treatment of hemorrhage decreases the risk of:

  • Maternal death

  • Severe maternal morbidity

  • Emergent hysterectomy resulting in future infertility

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