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Common Risk Factors of Postpartum Hemorrhage

Postpartum Hemorrhage is a significant complication during childbirth. Depending on a woman’s health and other factors, postpartum hemorrhage may be more likely. Hemorrhage can occur in a woman regardless of age or ethnicity, so it’s important to recognize that there are some risk factors involved when it comes to postpartum hemorrhage.

These risk factors can be monitored and discussed between a patient and physician to help anticipate and prepare for a hemorrhage complication during labor and delivery.

Below are some common risk factors for postpartum hemorrhage:

History of Postpartum Hemorrhage

Having a history of hemorrhage during a previous pregnancy is a risk factor for a future postpartum hemorrhage in subsequent pregnancies. It is important that a physician is well informed of a woman’s pregnancy history and that the patient receives regular and proper prenatal care in order to assess this risk.

Infection during Labor

When a mother develops an infection inside her uterus during labor she is at a higher risk for postpartum hemorrhage. One of the major risk factors for a mother to develop an infection during labor is prolonged rupture of membranes. Infection can affect the ability of the uterus to contract after delivery, potentially resulting in hemorrhage.

Type of Delivery: C-section

Women who have C-sections can be at higher risk of hemorrhage compared to women who have a vaginal delivery. Women who have had one or more c-sections are at a significantly higher risk of hemorrhage during their next one.

One-way medical professionals can monitor for postpartum hemorrhage during c-sections is to use a clear c-section drape. The Hemorrhage View C-section Drape developed by Perspective Medical allows the surgical team to efficiently monitor for vaginal bleeding and other types of concealed hemorrhage during c-sections so that they can diagnose and treat the patient as quickly as possible.

Always consult a medical professional about any medical concerns.

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