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How to Recognize Postpartum Hemorrhage

Postpartum hemorrhage is excessive bleeding at the time of childbirth. Excessive bleeding may prevent vital organs from receiving adequate blood flow which can cause shock or death. Perspective Medical is dedicated to improving maternal outcomes by providing tools to help manage postpartum hemorrhage. Here are some ways to recognize postpartum hemorrhage:

Visual Detection

Medical providers need to continually assess bleeding during C-sections to identify hemorrhage. It is concerning when your patient bleeds too much during a C-section, since too much blood loss can be life-threatening.

It is critical to monitor bleeding from both abdominal and vaginal sources. Uterine atony for example, which causes over 80% of cases of postpartum hemorrhage, presents with only vaginal bleeding. The challenge to current practices for monitoring vaginal bleeding under the C-section drape is that current drapes are opaque and surgeons are unable to evaluate for active bleeding. Perspective Medical's revolutionary Hemorrhage View C-section drape eliminates this challenge by allowing surgeons to assess bleeding without going under the drape. It offers clear visualization for the operating surgeon to make quick on-the-spot decisions on bleeding management.

Quantification of Blood Loss

There are instruments available that allow surgical staff to measure blood loss by weighing sponges and bed pads used to soak up a patient's blood. There is also a suction device that transfers blood into a canister that measures the amount of blood loss.

Patient Clinical Status: Change in Vital Signs and Symptoms

You can also recognize hemorrhage by assessing a patient's vital signs and symptoms. Women with significant bleeding can have low blood pressure as well as a rapid heart rate. Patients can also develop lethargy, confusion, and complain of nausea, dizziness, and body weakness.

Use a C-Section Drape to Assess Postpartum Hemorrhage

You can recognize postpartum hemorrhage through three main ways—visual detection, quantification of blood loss, and assessing a patient's signs and symptoms. If you invest in the right products, visual detection of blood loss can be simple, rapid, and direct.

Perspective Medical LLC provides revolutionary products to improve patient outcomes. Their Hemorrhage View C-section Drape supports medical staff by allowing them to identify bleeding fast and safely, thus reducing the risk of poor maternal outcomes. Contact them today for their unique C-section drape.

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